Our mission is to give riders, horse owners and trainers the ability to optimize the training process and monitor the health of their horses, at any time – and in any place. We do this by providing objective, regular and meaningful information on the status of their horses with 3rd generation monitoring technology integrated into normal horse gear and equipment.

Progressively we also enhance our services around the daily stable and stud activities by supplying applications for lot planning, staffing and other elementary processes.

The informational value of the generated output in form of reports and analysis is unbeaten in the industry and gives riders and trainers the required data to optimize training procedures and ensure the highest level of fitness and health condition of their horses. Easy online web interfaces allow permanent and area wide access via all channels and customary devices.


FourSense is developed by experts for experts. The management team represents +60 years of senior executive experience in building and operating international IT and service companies. Behind the scene prominent representatives of the professional equestrian market consult in all questions regarding training, fitness and health of horses.

Major parts of the core application have been developed in the practical field and during extensive projects supported by notable and successful players of the (race-) horse market.

Our service and project managers know what they are doing, they are horse owners and riders themselves and they speak the technical terminology.


Headquarters of FourSense is Muenster, Westphalia that is called the “Capital of horses”. Many successful studs, riders of all professional disciplines have their home in this part of the country. Further, the most important national associations and institutions are nearby.